Can Your Dissertation Help You Get a Job?

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Well, it seems that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of dissertation that easily. Right from your admission into college and to the final year, the word dissertation sends you into a frenzy. Your frenzy increases when you hear people say that your dissertation could determine your eventual success in landing a job. So, can your dissertation get you a job?

In a way, writing a quality dissertation could get you the job you want. So, guys, you can still make a dissertation order from for the best-researched dissertation. However, your dissertation helping you get the job is not as straightforward as you think. Your employer wouldn’t request for your paper, see it, and scream, ‘you are hired.’

Can Your Dissertation Help You Get a Job

That would be cool and easy, wouldn’t it? Sadly, things don’t work that way, but this doesn’t mean your dissertation is useless. It could give you the advantage you crave in the employment market. At least, this is what a popular Wall Street Journal article suggests. Your dissertation allows your employer to see certain employable attributes in you – your research skill, communication, commitment, initiative, self-motivation, and perseverance.

So, there you have it, folks. Your dissertation helps but not in the way you thought it would. Let’s explore this below. Let’s go further to see how your dissertation can find you a job.

Can your dissertation help you get a job?

As we have mentioned earlier, which we emphasize again, your dissertation can help you get a job. However, this is not only the content of the dissertation itself, but the qualities which writing a dissertation gives you. A dissertation is a lengthy paper that is the product of intensive research. The dissertation usually focuses on the exploration of a subject.

Due to its inherent nature, a dissertation will task you and take you past limits you didn’t think you had. However, in terms of a career, it could pay off and allow you to stand out as a better prospect for employment through the skills you gain from it. It could announce you as someone capable of independent thoughts, an adaptive person, and a problem solver.

Despite the focus being on your skills, the subject of your dissertation could give you an advantage. This advantage arises mainly when your employer provides goods or services relating to what you wrote your thesis on, as it gives you the authority position. So, one way or the other, your dissertation can be influential.

That said, let’s explore the qualities your hirer would want you to have based on the effort you put into your paper. Let’s do this.

Research and Knowledge

Research and knowledge give you an advantage in several ways. One of those ways is when you are preparing for your job interview and have done intensive research on the hirer. This allows you to stand out during the interview session and what allows you to stand out more is when you have some knowledge about the industry.

If your dissertation is about that industry, it gives you an advantage over other job seekers. This is because you would have that special knowledge gained through months of backbreaking research. You will have insights due to you being somewhat of an authority in the said field. When your interview reveals your special knowledge, you inspire confidence.

Another advantage research and knowledge give you an advantage is that you prove to your hirer that you can evolve. Knowledge can become stale, and it is through your capacity to research that your hirer draws confidence that you’ll grow and evolve. The hirer feels you will be a dedicated worker who would Improve the business.

Solving Problems

What do you get when you have someone knowledgeable and has the constant drive for research? A problem solver. Problem-solving is a pain point for many organizations owing to its importance to the company’s existence. A business will always face challenges, and it is not all the time that you can bring the attention of your superiors to such problems.

You need to be able to think critically to provide solutions to such problems. Even if you bring the issue to the attention of your superiors, they wouldn’t want you to fold your arms and watch. They would like you to actively participate in solving the problems that have arisen. You may even suggest a more efficient way to tackle the challenge.

This is one of the skills you should thank your dissertation for. Your dissertation could help you identify some issues within a particular subject and solve those issues. That way, you would be adding to the wealth of knowledge on that subject matter.

Ability to Work Independently

Your dissertation is all you. It reflects your capacity to sit down and work on your own. Hirers need this in their various institutions as the business environment often doesn’t leave room for the hirer looking over their shoulders. They need to be able to focus on how to move the organization forward without thinking of a staff member who can’t carry their weight.

With your thesis and the good work you have done, you show the hirer of your ability to work independently to achieve excellent results.

Closely related to working independently is the ability to persevere and motivate yourself. When you can work independently, this follows suit naturally. You would need this a lot, especially when the work is tedious. Work can be tedious and exhausting. While you must have downtime, you should also be ready to finish the assigned work.

You must be ready to persevere even if the pressure from work has become consuming. If you could do it to achieve success for your dissertation, the hirer is confident that you can also do the same for the job.


Communication is crucial in your thesis, and the way you have written your thesis will show if you can communicate or not. Your paper will undoubtedly contain complex terms and arguments that not every reader will easily understand. If you can simplify these terms and arguments to make them more relatable, you have proven that you can communicate.

Throughout your employment, you will need to have top-notch communication. You will write reports, emails, and other forms of communicative texts. Also, you will work in groups which would require you to communicate. If you are a poor communicator, you could hinder the group’s success.

So, through your dissertation, you could show how much of an effective communicator you are. Especially when hirers know that your supervisor must have given you insights on your paper, which all indications show you have followed. This props you up as someone who would work hard when put in a team.

Meeting Deadlines

Academic writing and deadlines move together like wolves in a pack. For your thesis, you have to be able to meet deadlines, and this applies to work too. When your leader assigns you a workplace task, they expect that you finish within the stipulated deadline. The expectations are the same, even if the deadlines are shorter.

Through your thesis, you can create the impression that you can absorb the pressure of deadlines and deliver on time.


Your dissertation could impact your ability to get a job. It allows your would-be employer to assess the employable skills that you have. So, as much as you can, be serious with your dissertation and get help writing your dissertation when necessary.

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