7 Types of Stickers: Which is Best?

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Labeling has been and still is an important part in the branding of products. The most important thing about labeling is that it enables the easy identification of things. If you are observant enough you may have noticed that there are stickers that look different from others. The stickers are made from distinct materials hence the reason they tend to look unique and different. Here is a glimpse of types of stickers used by businesses.

7 Types of stickers: Which is best?


1. Polypropylene Stickers

This particular type of sticker is used as an alternative or even as a replacement to the labels made from vinyl. They have a strong resistance to solvents. Another notable quality of polypropylene stickers is that they are more affordable as compared to polyester labels. These types of stickers also have better clarity. Polypropylene stickers can be differentiated by their coloring, coating or adhesiveness. Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of polypropylene stickers:

• Clear BOPP Label

This material is clear polypropylene (BOPP). It has the same features as chrome silver stickers due to its resistance to water. This and other qualities that the BOPP Labels have make them suitable for window stickers.

• Chrome(Silver) BOPP Label

This label has the ability to be both water and oil resistant. It usually has a mirror like finish.

• Removable White BOPP

This type of polypropylene sticker usually has less adhesive when compared to the normal BOPP labels.

• White BOPP Labels

These stickers have a permanent adhesive and are resistant to water and oil. They are well suited for bathroom glasses, body products as well as food and beverage products.

2. Recycled Stickers

This type of sticker is created using materials that are 100 % recycled. This is what is normally referred to as a #55 paper material because it has an earthly appearance. These kinds of stickers are not usually laminated; therefore, they are not oil or water resistant. However, they can be useful in machine applications. The sticker should not be allowed to get in contact with hot water because that can spoil its adhesive. The most popular types of recycled stickers are Vellum and Kraft labels.

3. Fluorescent Paper Stickers

These types of stickers are usually flood coated on a synthetic surface. Most of the fluorescent and foil paper stickers that are in use today are available in colors such as green, orange, pink, and red. Stickers made from this material are usually used to alert people.

4. Satin Stickers

These types of stickers are made from acetate satin fabric and are suitable for wine or spirit labels. These stickers bring out the beauty aspect to the packaging of a product and are also ideal for gift packages. These promotional stickers brandme are also popular in the entertainment industry. Most promoters will use them on concert passes. Since the material is quite affordable, and you can easily write on it, these stickers are preferred for temporary one day events.

5. Industrial Vinyl Stickers

This is an ideal outdoor sticker. Many of the best quality industrial vinyl stickers usually provide between 9 to 11 years of resistance from UV radiation. You should also know that stickers made from this material are weather resistant. This material provides great flexibility that is ideal for use on sharp and curved surfaces as well as rivets. Most vinyl stickers are used on rental equipment, fleet decals, cable tray labels as well as pipeline labels.

6. Foil Paper Stickers

This special type of sticker is made with a normal paper base, and then laminated or coated with a matt layer. These types of labels are usually available in gold, silver, dull and bright colors. They are mostly used as food and holiday stickers. Since they have a classic and luxurious look, they can be used to seal wedding invites.

7. Polyester Stickers

These types of stickers come in different shapes and types as well. One of the most popular options is the metallic look that provides a mirror-like perfection or a chrome finish. This is often confused with stainless steel. That said, the material is ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Polyester stickers can be used to label control panels and pipes. Polyester stickers are quite tough and can survive some of harshest weather conditions. They also have a long lasting adhesive.

Choosing Stickers: Which is Best?

Choosing stickers is usually incumbent upon several factors. There are some stickers that are good for outdoor surfaces and those ones that are appropriate outdoor places. Furthermore, depending on the adhesive nature of the sticker, the surface matters a lot. Some stickers are suited for glass surfaces while others are appropriate for concrete surfaces.

Another factor that matters a lot when choosing a sticker is the cost. Depending on your budget, there are some stickers that may be too expensive for you. There might also be other stickers that seem cheap and affordable, but may not be suited for the purpose. Consult with a professional if you are not sure about how to go about it.


The above are the 7 types of stickers that you can use for your business. Each one of them has unique qualities, and they can be used for different events and purposes. You should always remember that a simple sticker design is the best since it can be easily interpreted by your customers.

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