5 Common Questions Most People Ask from Commercial Constructors

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Before you hire a commercial constructor, you should make sure you have done your homework. It is crucial that you have the right information about construction. Equally necessary is to know how a particular company works. This will increase your chances of ending up with professionals and not inexperienced newcomers!

A commercial constructor who knows their business would respect the building code requirements in your state. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who could endanger the safety of your family, staff, or your home.

5 Common Questions Most People Ask from Commercial Constructors

Do you have a project in mind? So, how can you find a commercial constructor with the right kind of training and experience? Easy: by asking them questions! Let us start with the five most important ones:

Question #1: What’s the structure of your company?

It is crucial for you to gain as much knowledge as you can about how the construction company functions. For instance, who owns the business and who oversees project completion. These two might not always be mutually inclusive. Knowing how the contractor plans to manage a project will give you an idea of the quality of service you will receive. It is important that you know who to reach out to if the project doesn’t get completed on time. If you can, try also finding out which people in the team will be managing which tasks. This way, you can approach them directly if their work isn’t to your liking.

Finally, ask the firm about their business history. The more you are familiar with their journey, the more you can rely on them. Their points of strength will clue you if they are the right choice for the project at hand. Knowing about their work routine will reassure you about their punctuality – or lack thereof.

Question #2: What types of construction projects has your company worked on?

Ideally, you should choose a company for Commercial Construction Dallas that has previous experience of working on projects like yours. Have they handled the construction of a school for instance? Will that be enough to work on building a bank?

Question #3: Are you licensed?

The answer you should receive is yes! Why should you know about their license you may ask? Consider something as simple as bulldozing through a tree-filled backyard. In some states, the task will require a contractor to have a license. In others, the contractors must have a license if they take on a job that pays a certain amount of money. For instance, a contracting job that pays $30,000 or more requires the person in charge to be licensed.

The easiest way to confirm if your state requires a license is to check out this website. You can also get in touch with your state’s licensing agency. If you hire a licensed firm, and the constructor tries to skip down without completing their job, the law will be on your side.


Question #4: Will the space be available to us during the period of construction?

If you are having an office space constructed, then you might have to stop the operations completely until it is done. Not knowing this beforehand could bring the business to a halt. Dissatisfied clients and undelivered products could have a bad effect on the reputation of your company. Therefore, ask the constructor company if you can continue working with the commercial renovation underway. This helps reduce downtime.

The types of professionals, like plumbers, construction workers, carpenters, contractors, electricians, architects, and designers, who troop in and out of the building will depend on the job. If it is a small job, the constructor might require access to just a specific part of the building. This means your staff can continue working. Discuss all of this before hiring the construction team.

If the company representative tells you otherwise, you’d be able to find an alternative workspace in the interim. Finding out later that staff’s entry is barred could be problematic for you.

Question #5: Do you provide any maintenance services after project completion?

This is an important issue. A company that believes in the work they do will never shy away from answering this question with a yes! It is better to discover early if a firm doesn’t hold itself accountable in case of shoddy work. Companies that provide high-quality work take measures to ensure their services are exemplary.

It doesn’t have to be a huge do-over. If the constructor straightaway refuses to do even routine maintenance on the projects they handle after completion, look elsewhere. Find a company that is willing to stand by their work. They’d already have quality-controlled their work, which is why they can say yes for an answer.

You might have other questions to be answered. Don’t hesitate and get them out of the way before you hire a commercial contractor. Any commercial constructor who believes in providing value to their clients will pay attention to what you have to say. A firm that doesn’t have time to satisfy you first with their answers and then their work, isn’t worth hiring anyway!

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