10 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

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Putlocker is quite boring. It was the gigantic name amongst the services such as that & is the online index which offers hosted files which are used for the streaming media such as your favorite online movies & TV shows. Putlocker was first started in the UK in the year 2011 & since it was extremely admired by millions of users every day. The platform also got well-liked as it was expelled in the UK since May 2016. There are some best alternatives to Putlocker and these are highly beneficial for the people who love to watch movies online.

10 Best Alternatives to Putlocker


1). SolarMovie

SolarMovie is the most excellent alternative to Putlocker as it has ‘n’ numbers of online movies in various genres such as action, fiction, romance, & more. The platform is free & people can utilize it to watch their favorite TV shows & movies which they like to visit & you are most liable to discover it here as they have more than 30 genres accessible. All the Media are of high quality.

2). FMovies

FMovies is the well-known streaming platform which has grown extremely popular as it offers numerous movies & TV shows to binge on. This platform is blocked in a lot of places depends on the anti-piracy policy of that area. But there are numerous domains which you can try out. All the movies and TV shows offered by FMovies are of high quality & free from all distracting advertisements.

3). Niter

Niter is the cool Putlocker alternative when you are exploring to watch high-quality online movies & TV shows. The platform is rich in content & you will discover a bunch of latest movies on the platform. The site contains the latest categories and contents. One can also filter the contents by year and genre as well. The speed of the platform is also high and it provides a full-screen HD view.

4). Vudu

Vudu is the best platform for watching the latest movies & TV shows. It has got the lot that you will need while watching your favorite videos. The platform also has numerous genres that include action, horror, suspense, romance & the contents are of superior quality as well. The home page has featured titles which might cost a little & it also has some free with ads category.

5). Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the popular stream media online platforms and it is measured as one of the most excellent platforms in terms of the quality content & HD video quality. Though its services are not free, it is still very well-liked as it has high reliability & is similar to Putlocker. If you are enthusiastic to spend extra money then the platform offers you a prime membership that has some latest blockbusters, elite original contents, regional movies, & much more.

6). Hulu

Hulu is the best Putlocker alternative and offers some better aspects. It is a place which offers thousands of your favorite movies at a single place. With the help of this platform, you can visit your favorite movies and TV shows ANYTIME ANYWHERE. The site is well attuned for all devices Android, iOS, Fire TV, Roku, 4th generation Apple TV, Xbox, and Chromecast. Moreover, you can get pleasure from full seasons of your favorite exclusive series & numerous Hulu Originals.

7). Moviefone

Moviefone is the site which is also known as the best alternative to Putlocker. The site is famous for its enough contents & accessible layout which intends it one of the most excellent alternatives. The site offers you access to numerous media which are ranging from the latest movie and TV shows and it is very fast & cheap.

8). WatchMoviesFree

watch movies free is the website which is similar to Putlocker. The platform has a very accessible layout with the picture & description according to the title which makes easy for you to navigate & explore your favorite videos. The site has an array of movies which are ranging from popular to old hits & many more.

9). YesMovies

YesMovies is the top site and is the best alternative to Putlocker. The site offers the best online entertainment in the form of your latest favorite movies & TV shows. The platform looks incredible & totally uncluttered. The site offers ‘n’ numbers of movie series which include action, drama, comedy, romance, and horror & TV series. You can get a big list of featured movies & top movies

10). Channel 131

Channel 131 is a great alternative to Putlocker. It looks the same as the site form the early 90s & has no genuine theme. The site shows a gigantic list of most freshly added movies and TV shows. All the series are arranged according to the episodes & season. You can also watch popular media and much more on this platform.


All above-mentioned alternative is best to go for Putlocker. Thus, rely on these alternatives and watch your favorite movies and TV shows Anytime and Anywhere. Streaming videos is a huge activity and all the above sites are very helpful for your fun & entertainment.

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