Zipcar and Uber Business Deal Favors the Uber Drivers

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Uber is the most popular online transportation company that operates in more than 520 cities across the world and it mainly focused on the ride-hailing services. The users of Uber can request for a cab for transportation or food delivery through the Uber’s mobile app or mobile website.

Zipcar and Uber Business Deal Favors the Uber Drivers

Uber Technologies Inc. is considered as the pioneer of sharing economy and the modifications occurred due to this sharing economy is termed as Uberisation or Uberification. The company has introduced many new features to attract many new drivers and customers to use their services.

Though Uber has faced a lot of problems from many sources, it has developed its business by introducing many new innovative features. Many commuters prefer Uber car services for their daily ride to their office or colleges. It also provides various beneficiary schemes to their drivers and also gives opportunity to the drivers who do not possess any own car.



Recently, Uber has partnered with Zipcar and the partnership is for providing rental cars for the Uber drivers who do not have their own car.

About Zipcar

Zipcar is the Boston-based car-sharing enterprise that offers car reservation services to its customers. It was purchased by Avis Budget Group in March 2013 for nearly five hundred million US Dollars in cash and after that it operated as a subsidiary company of the Avis Budget Group. In 2016, Zipcar consists of one million users and it operated in nine countries andfive hundred cities. It provides approximately ten thousand vehicles in Austria, Canada, the United States, Belgium, Spain, France, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Germany. This Zipcar is one of the outstanding companies in the car rental industry and it was founded in the year 2000.

Process of Zipcar

Zipcar was offering a distinctive transportation service and it provides rental service where the user can reserve a car on an hourly basis. It is the best alternative for the people who are not having their own cars and it is operated in major cities of the United States, Canada and also in few European nations.It gives rental cars for the registered members and the duration of rental can be varied from one hour to seven days.

Eligibility criteria for registration

The user has to register with Zipcar to access these rental cars and the registration process is much simpler and involves few fundamental requirements.In order to become a member of Zipcar, the person must be above 21 years and should possess a valid car-driving license.The user must accept all the terms and conditions regulated by the Zipcar.

Some relaxations were also available in the process of joining the Zipcar such as age relaxation for students, and more. If the person is 18-20 age group and a student of any university or college, then the user can also join Zipcar. If the user does not possess Ontario or the US based driver license, then they should complete the declaration form. This form is available on the Zipcar’s website and is used to clarify that the license is valid and also to verify that there is no any driving violations were recorded.

Steps to become a member

To access the Zipcars, the user must join the ride-sharing service and for joining, the user has to pay the membership fee of seventy dollars. People can apply through online on the Zipcar website and the Zipcard will be received after three to seven days from the date of registration. If the users want to access the Zipcard immediately, they can reach local Zipcar office. The international users can also use Zipcar’s website and app where both have the same functionality.

The app also offersa 30 day trial version to the users and it is useful for the people who are not sure about joining the Zipcar. If the user wants to cancel the membership before 30 days, the fee will be refunded and it is available only for the new members. The amount will not be refunded if the cancellation made after the 30 day trial. The user has to call 1-866-4ZIPCAR to cancel the trial.

Zipcar reservation

The registered member can able to see the availability of vehicles and the reservation of cars may make through Android and iPhone apps or through the official website. The user can also reserve the car through phone call directly to the Zipcar, but the reservation made through phone will be charged with additional agent fee of 3.50 dollars. The one-way trip is not available for international users and one way trip is available only in LA, Denver and Boston.

Zipcar assured 180 miles to the user for a 24 hour and if this limit exceeds, then the extra mile traveled will be charged additionally. The additional charge will be 0.45 dollars for one mile and if the user is using a premium vehicle, then the additional charge is 0.55 dollars per extra mile. It also offers the mileage estimation where the user can estimate the distance.

It also allows the user to shorten or cancel the reservation, but the user must do it before three hours from your time of journey starts. If the reservation is made for more than eight hours, then the user must cancel the reservation at the minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Locating and unlocking of Zipcar

During the reservation of a Zipcar, it provides confirmation to the user that consist the address of Zipcar, the model of the Zipcar and more. The member has to reach the specified address at the correct time to get the Zipcar. It can be unlocked by using the Zipcard and the car keys are placed inside the car. Zipcar has a gas card that allows the user to fill up the car while driving and if the card does not work, the user can pay own money and it will be reimbursed to the user.The user has to return the Zipcar to the same location where they started the journey. The keys must be kept inside the cars and should be locked by using the Zipcar app or by using Zipcard.

Uber and Zipcar partnership

Both the companies Uber and Avis Budget Group have made an agreement that assures that the Uber drivers can use the Zipcar vehicles for the ride.This agreement encourages many potential drivers to become an Uber driver and also they can use the Zipcar on the rental basis, hence it is cost effective.

Uber has tied up with many other companies to solve the problem faced by many drivers by offering rental cars and leased cars to the drivers.This deal provides great benefits to the drivers who want to drive for few hours on a day and the rental rates of the cars for drivers is started from 12 dollars for an hour addition to that monthly fees of seven dollars.

This partnership will help both the companies to enhance their business and as a first move, Zipcar has provided 20 four door sedans for the use of Uber drivers. From this deal, Uber will get a number of new drivers who wants to work for few hours on a day. For Zipcar, it will also obtain many new users who are the Uber drivers and this service is available only in Boston.

ReferenceCabily Script is a clone of Uber, which developed by the tech gigs of his company.


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