• 1. Which of the following URLs will NOT take you to the same Web page as http://www.domain.com?
  • 2. Which linking strategy listed below is unlikely to help your site's search engine rankings?
  • 3. Best practices for rel="canonical" link elements include:
  • 4. The following HTML snippet: What is considered the anchor text of the link?
  • 5. All other factors being equal, which would be the most desirable link profile?
  • 6. If you want a page to pass value through its links, but stay out of the search engines' indices, which of the following tags should you place in the header?

  • 1. Which of the following statements regarding website content are correct?
  • 2. What term is commonly used to describe the shuffling of positions in search engine results in between major updates?
  • 3. While grading your website, Google gives credit to outbound links pointing to authority websites?
  • 4. While optimizing your website it is important to generate the right type of traffic, how does the Bounce Rate information help in this regard?
  • 5. Which of the following report(s) allows you to identify the terms visitors use to conduct searches within your site?
  • 6. You've discovered that a significant portion of your site traffic is coming from your internal users and is skewing your customer data. Which of the following solutions should you implement to clean up your report data?

  • 1. You have just launched a new web site. Unfortunately, nobody visits it, even search engines’ spiders don’t notice it. What can you do for its SEO success?
    • 2. By default, when does a user's session (or "visit") end according to Google Analytics? Can the session timeout be changed and how?
      • 3. Add campaign link tags to the URL - http://www.website.com/ so that traffic to the link would show in the All Traffic report as "email/newsletter" and in the Campaigns report as "jansale". What will be the tagged URL.
        • 4. You want to create a report in Google Analytics that shows you the Visits and Ecommerce Conversion Rate broken out by both the dimensions Medium and City. How could you create this report?
          • 5. You've discovered that data about the Product pages of your ecommerce website is missing from your reports. What can be the possible causes?
            • 6. How to check if a website is hit by a Google Penalty? What process will you follow to recover a website which is hit by Google Penalty (Penguin)?


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